Who Is Lucky Live, born Amber Ricquel Boyd, is an American rapper and inspiring mogul. Lucky was born in Inglewood, California on March 13, 1991. She is the second youngest of both of her parent’s five children. At the age of 5, Lucky moved to Houston, TX with her mom, older sister Ashlei, and baby sister Alana- although a year or so later, they moved back to Inglewood to spend the next 9 years there. 

Who Is Lucky Live discovered her artistic talents at the age of four when she would draw portraits of everything in sight. Art was something that came naturally to her. Music was no different. 

Majority of her life Lucky was only exposed to the Erykah Badu’s and Lauryn Hill’s because of her mom. Lucky was first inspired to start writing and rhyming when she heard the rapper Da Brat on the radio at the age of 8. It wasn’t until her older sister started listening to rap music heavy that Lucky was exposed to hip hop consistently. By age 10, she had composition books full of childish rhymes. Lucky was better at coming up with concepts and topics than flowing at the time. 
It wasn’t until high school that she started taking rap serious. It was a guy that went by the name of Jae Rhyme from Harlem that encouraged her to get in the studio after reading her rhymes. From that point on, Lucky learned the in’s and out’s of recording by herself because Jae Rhyme had been in and out of jail. She recorded her first song over Tyga’s “I’m too Raw” and called it “I’m too Fly.” 
In 2008, Lucky Live turned her small click ‘Notorious Money Gang’ into ‘Notorious Music Group’ with dreams of building a solid record label. Although the vice-president of NMG left the group, she continued to slowly build her empire. As of today, there are four artists on the label including herself. Things have never been so much clearer. It’s rare that a female is the boss and face of a record label but Lucky wanted to change the way consumers see record labels and who runs them. Instead of having dozens of people down with the label, Lucky wanted to keep it small and build up every artist on the roster. She believes that it’s better to have 4/4 artists successful than 8/32 artists. 
In 2010, she dropped her first mixtape called ‘The Warning’. Since then, she dropped her ‘Visionary Dame’ mixtape and ‘Visionary Dame’ EP in 2013. The mini Visionary Dame series inspired her clothing line Visionary Dame Clothing. Visionary Dame represents individuals who are chasing their dreams regardless of their circumstances.  
Lucky realizes that consistency is the key to success in this game but she took some time to go back to the drawing board and figure out her flow and sound. Since she writes, records, and mixes her own music, it is imperative that everything comes out sounding right because there is no one else to blame but herself.
Her upcoming mixtape King Lucky will drop at the end of Summer 2015. This mixtape definitely shows her growth as a writer, producer, and artist. Lucky will make sure that no one can doubt her skills as a MC nor song writer. She named her next mixtape King Lucky because she knows for a fact that she can out-rap majority of the male rappers out there. She doesn’t wanted to be labeled as a female rapper or a femcee when she can go toe to toe with the guys.
Don’t say that I’m good for a “female rapper”. I’m good period. I do it all. I come up with my own hooks, I write my own verses, I record it and I mix it down myself. 
Lucky’s goal for the rest of 2015 and 2016 is to build a solid team around her as far as management and marketing goes. You will see a lot more of Lucky Live in the future.