My New Project Is Coming! 3/21/17 Blog

Lucky Live

Time: 8:23 PM
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Currently Doing: Playing Back Songs From My New Mixtape ‘From the Start’


I almost forgot I had a blog too. It would be dope to start blogging so my supporters can see what I’m up to. I won’t make this long because I know many don’t read like that lol.

So! I am finishing up my new project From the Start and I have to admit, it’s sounding damn good. I’ve actually been working on this project since 2014 but I am glad I waited to release it. Lordt! I was playing back some of the records I recorded back then and boy, it was lowkey awful.

I’m supposed to drop it in 10 days. However, I haven’t done the photoshoot for the cover, it’s not mixed, my documentary isn’t done, my promo shoot hasn’t been done, etc. You see where I’m going with this? It’s hard when you’re an one man band around these parks. Granted, the last few verses will be finished this week. I already know which way I’m going for the cover and promo shoot so it all can get done by the 31st. I haven’t even dropped a single from it. I may have to push it back a week. I’m in the “I do what I want” stage.

As of now, it’s 17 tracks. I know that sounds like a lot but I think they are strong songs and any one of them can pop off and go viral. There aren’t any fillers. Each song was put together by emotions or something that has happened to me or around me.

Matter of fact, I let my ex hear one of my songs and he could’ve sworn someone new was in my life. Haha

I just make it a point to tell the story from a certain point of view. I think that’s important. I like to tap into a different mindset to get the song done.

I thought I would have everything done by now but I recently had writers block for basically a few weeks. Instead of saying anything, I waited. All the hooks been done.

I’m feeling really optimistic about this project. I honestly feel like this is the project that will get me noticed. You will hear me talk that talk and you will also hear me in my feelings. It’s a perfect balance between lifestyle music and music for my ladies.

I wanted to make sure I had songs that are anthems.

I have a few songs that are my favorite. ‘Real Ones Link Up’ and ‘On the Low’ stands out to me right now. Those are the last two I recorded so I’m really feeling those right now. ‘My King’ and ‘Get to Me’ are special too. ‘Damaged’ is the most emotional song I recorded. I was definitely in my feelings for that.

Stay tuned! I will be giving updates for the tape. Visuals are coming as well.

– Lucky Live