The Process of Greatness – Blog #1

Mood: Hungry
Eating: Chicken Salad & Crackers
Drinking: Lemonade Vitamin Water Zero
Listening to: My iTunes Playlist That I Made For Whenever I Decide to Give Somebody This Work…
Thinking About: Nothing In Particular. This Chicken Salad Is Kind’ve Dry Though. I Need to Put on a Bra.
Plans for Today: I’m About to Re-record This Verse For This Song. My Sisters and I Are Going to See Straight Outta Compton Later
Plans for Tomorrow: Directing the Homie’s Photoshoot For His Mixtape Cover


I was actually inspired by this girl from my high school named Dara to start blogging on my website. I can’t say we’re friends because we only have spent time together once…lol. But, she’s cool people and a pretty dope photographer. My friend & I were standing in line at a SxSW event. We saw her and let her cut in line. The line was super long and there was no need for a familiar face to go all the way to the back of the line. This was in 2013. But any who…

We’re friends on Facebook and she has a blog, Love Dara. When I see her share her blog post, I typically read them. I love to see what people are doing with their lives, especially if I know them. I had already planned to start vlogging but why not blog too?  I think it would be dope to write about the stuff that goes on in my life. Kinda like a diary, maybe?

I’m pretty secretive about my life. The only things I share online are selfies, food pictures and my goofy thoughts. No one on the outside looking in really knows me. I have my mom, my sisters, and some close friends that I really tell stuff too. Otherwise, you wouldn’t know if I’m dating or about anything important going on in my life. I can’t say that I will blog daily but I will try to at least twice a week. 

But now that my intro is out of the way…

What’s new: This music man! I haven’t dropped a project since 2013 during SxSW, ironically. To be honest, music wasn’t my focus in 2014 until October. I didn’t want to put out another project that lacked emotion. Music is an universal language and I feel like I wouldn’t be connecting to anyone if my music lacked emotion.

I really didn’t have much to say until this guy that I liked hurt my feelings lol. Instead of being bitter about the situation, I dove head first into writing and recording.

I believe you will hear the pain in my songs on my new mixtape.

Do you want to know what happened?

Here’s the thing, 98% of the guys who come at me, I brush off. I just do, don’t ask questions lol. But this  one guy got through the cracks. I was really feeling him. OMG. I found myself looking for his text and adorable compliments. He actually had me smiling again after my disturbingly long, stressful, drama-filled relationship.

I actually told my best friend that I wasn’t going to play with this one…as in play with this mind like I usually do when I’m bored.

Just being honest.

What happened?

He ended up playing with mine in my opinion. Karma, I guess. He came off saying all of the right things but I just ended up with my  face on the floor. That situation lasted about 4 months. It wasn’t even crucial but it’s the fact I was actually giving him a chance because he said he wanted one. That’s rare for me.

I think a huge part of me being in my feelings has to do with how fine he is haha…. Sheesh. *clears throat*

He was my dream guy, appearance wise. You know…super tall, athletic, tatted…blah blah…blah. He had me twirling my panties in the air and yelling, “YAAAAAASSS”…

Not really, he was just that fine to me. Lol

I do take some blame because I took some  trust issues from my past relationship into this one. I was doing things that I normally don’t do like asking about his past to mutual friends – which led to some unnecessary drama.

I don’t think I was ready for something fresh at that time anyway.  I’m good now. Just saying.

It helped my music though…

I was throwing out hooks and verses left and right. Don’t get it confused, the tape isn’t  about him. However, all of the emotions did spark some ideas which led me to songs like: Stunt on You, My King, Trippin, Damaged, etc.


My mixtape ‘King Lucky’ is 80% done. I haven’t decided on a date yet. When it’s 100% complete, I may just drop it out of nowhere.

I’m so proud of it. It’s definitely my best project yet.

I will drop it on this website. It will take over the homepage in case you were wondering.

I have a lot of things planned so stay tuned 🙂

Look-out for:

  • Who Is Lucky Live Episodes on YouTube
  • King Lucky the mixtape
  • Music Videos
  • & More

Thanks for Reading!