Female Rapper Lucky Live


Lucky Live, born Amber Ricquel Boyd, is a female rapper from Inglewood, California. Although she resides in Austin, Texas, she never stops representing Inglewood, California. Art came naturally to Lucky Live at a young age so the the love for music followed suit. While it started out as a love for writing poems and drawing, her art turned into full songs as she grew and experienced different things. Although hip hop music came into her life much later, she enjoyed spitting rhymes in high school and showing off her ability to write rhymes with her friends. It wasn't until her friend Jae Rhyme from Harlem encouraged her to "hop in the booth" that she started to take rap serious. As of today, she has released 4 mixtapes and is set to her street album and documentary "From the Start" early 2017! Lucky Live will rise to the top of the new rappers very soon. Her ability to write, record, mix, and master her own music gives her the ability to drop new music at the drop of a dime.